Fidelity Bible Kits was started by Paul English in the fall of 2002. Being an avid creationist, he wanted to make a model of Noah's ark so his kids could understand how big it was. In the process of researching and building his model, he thought of producing a kit so that others could also teach their children (and adults) about how big the ark really was. Thus was born Fidelity Bible Kits.

Paul originally was going to name his company Noah's Ark Kits Inc. However, every time he told anyone about his idea they suggested other Bible kits to make next. He decided therefore to leave the possibility open for more kits in the future. The name Fidelity Bible Kits embodies the company motto which is to produce "Educational, entertaining kits that maintain the truth of Scripture."

Paul and his wife Judi home school their nine children and have graduated two of them. The children enjoy being part of the family business. Two have already gone off to college and the rest are Judi already has a number of ideas for new kits to help them and others in their homeschool endeavors.