The Noah's Ark Kit includes our large ark model which is 6 feet long when assembled. It comes with a set of animals which includes  14 pairs of dinosaurs. 
Noah's Ark Kit $50.00
While the large Ark Model is ideal for teaching about the immensity of the ark, it doesn't go home in kids pockets very easily. That's where these small ark models from Australia come in. They come in two sizes -- 12 inches and 20 inches and can be used in conjunction with the Noah's Ark Kit in Sunday School or VBS. Kids can glue them together in a few minutes and take them home to help them remember the lessons they learned about Noah and the flood. These can be purchased singly or in multi-paks. Each model comes with an instruction sheet.
Medium ark model $5.00
Small ark model $2.50
Pack of 10 small ark models $20.00 Pack of 5 medium ark models $20.00
This DVD comes from the folks at Noah's Ark Ministries who make the smaller ark models. In this video Rod Walsh answers many of the common questions and objections to the Noah account. He then takes the viewers on a remarkable virtual tour inside his own wooden model of the ark to see what it might have looked like inside.
Box of 50 Flood cards $5 >
Noahs ark DVD $18
The optional Deck Kit consists of 12 stabilizer pieces which can be put in horizontally to make full or partial decks. The Kit includes velcro so the decks can be removed and rearranged at will. Have fun remodeling Noah's Ark!  $5 >